What you need to know when choosing your custom cycling jersey.

Getting you or your team/club outfitted in custom cycling kit may seem daunting. There are a lot of needs, questions, and uncertainties regarding the selection of jerseys, especially, given their various materials and fit options.

Does your team have men and women cyclists? Does it have MTB riders and Roadies? Does it have racers and those doing it for the club aspect?

These are just a few of the various questions you and your club riders may be posing as you go about choosing the custom cycling jerseys for your upcoming season or event. Luckily, we're here to help you! Below is an overview of some jersey basics.


Based on body type and style preference, you can choose from a jersey that fits more closely to the skin or one that is looser. The closer-fit jerseys tend to be favored by bike racers. We call this our RACER FIT. These jerseys feature more stretchy/elastic materials that are sleeker, catch less wind, and offer a more streamlined profile. They'll often have longer sleeves (basically down to the elbow) as these are more aerodynamic and have the contemporary style favored in the racing world. Depending on your body type and how tight you want it to fit, you may consider ordering a size up from what you regularly wear. Some jerseys in this category are our:

Mondo 2 [insert link]
Mondo 2 Womens [insert link]

If you are looking for a jersey that offers a more generous fit, with a looser profile, you'll want to 



A custom Road cycling jersey, a custom Triathlon jersey, a custom MTB jersey.