Custom Cycling Clothing is part of our founding story.

In 1984, a young Louis Garneau contemplated the oppressive heat of the upcoming Los Angeles Olympics and looked at his heavy wool cycling jersey. "How am I going to survive the heat and humidity in this thing?" he asked himself (in Quebecois French, of course). Dissatisfied with the supply of his custom team cycling clothing at the time, Louis decided that something had to be done.

The previous year, Louis had begun making cycling clothing in his parents' garage. He'd begun his company after pursuing his passion for art as a university student. The landscape of cycling clothing at the time spoke of an entirely different era with hot wool jerseys, scratchy leader chamois, and a range of materials that did little to support comfort or performance. His technical wear for a rainy day back then?...rubber dishwasher gloves and a garbage bag.

Into this backdrop loomed the pending Olympic Games, set around Mission Viejo, California. The heat was forecasted to hit more than 100F degrees and Louis' innovative mindset attacked the problem in his own unique way. Eschewing the normal approach to a jersey, Louis selected different materials for different parts of the jersey, including some special mesh for the front panel and a white back panel to reflect the sun's heat and protect his back.

Ultimately, Louis finished a solid 33rd despite an early race crash and his teammate, Canada's Steve Bauer, secured an impressive silver medal. Headed towards retirement from top-level racing after accomplishing his Olympic ride, Louis saw the future for custom cycling clothing was in adapting jerseys and materials to suit the individual needs of the racer and team across multiple conditions and with innovative techniques.

In the ensuing decades, Garneau's custom cycling line has blossomed and the brand has become an industry leader. The company has worked with Olympic medalists, Tour de France yellow jersey wearers, World and National Champions, Ironman winners, and more. While the company's core is cycling, a mastery of materials and quality has extended to other areas including nordic and alpine skiing and even speed skating. The common thread is that all of these endurance athletes need great fit, technical fabrics, quality, and the innovations that'll get them the most advantage in their training and competitions.

Garneau has its own custom clothing production in Canada and Mexico and continues to focus on fabrics, fit, and quality production techniques. Along with constant innovation, we are focused on helping each rider live his or her dream no matter its size.